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When dealing with insurance claims, we understand that there is a lot to learn and a lot that can be misunderstood. We are here to answer any questions that you might have. Below is a list we compiled of answers to Frequently Asked Questions, which may help you ahead of your call with us.

What is a public adjuster?
Public Insurance Adjusters are independent, licensed professionals who work for the individual and business policy holders-not the insurance companies- to ensure that they reclaim the full value afforded to you by your current policy. At FirstCall we help to further evaluate the property loss on behalf of our clients, we set the tone, expectations, and pace of the claim with the insurance company and keep our clients informed of the process all along the way. As your public adjusters, it is not only our goal to save you money, but also the time, effort, and frustration of handling the overall claim and dealing with the insurance company – a process that most people are not all that experienced at.
Do I need a public adjuster?
The vast majority of claims do not go well for the insured without proper representation. In order to ensure the best possible settlement is attainted, a public adjuster is almost always necessary.
When should I call a public adjuster?
As soon as possible! The closer to the time of loss that a public adjuster can get started on your loss, the better their position is to control the claims process with the insurance company.
How do I put together a personal property list?
This is one of the most challenging parts of the claims process. It is your responsibility to neatly catalogue every single item in your house including when you bought it, how much you paid for it, how much it is worth today, and how much it would cost to replace it! Most property owners can’t get anywhere close to the money they deserve on their own, because they have never done this before. A good public adjuster will help you with all of this, and they will ensure you maximize this part of your claim
Should I use the vendors and contractors that my insurance company is recommending?
The vendors that are recommended by your insurance company to clean your contents, perform mitigation services, and repair or rebuild your property all have great relationships with your provider. Those vendors do not remain friends with the insurance company for long if they are causing them to pay more than they want to. We strongly recommend hiring professionals on your own.
Can’t I just negotiate with my insurance adjuster on my own?
You are certainly welcome to, but we strongly advise against it. If you have never done this before, is it really something you want to try for the first time when hundreds of thousands of dollars of money you are owed is at stake? It takes years to master adjusting claims, and we have been doing it longer than anybody in the state
What does replacement cost mean?
Replacement cost is the cost to replace an item today.
What does actual cash value (ACV) mean?
ACV is equivalent to replacement cost minus depreciation. For example, if you bought a new TV 2 years ago for $1,000, and your insurance says its only worth $600 today. The ACV for the TV is $600.
What is a structural endorsement?
Some policies have extra coverage to do repairs in the event policy limits are reached after a loss and more money is needed to do the rebuild. For example, if you have $200,000 in coverage on your home and a 25% structural endorsement, then you have a total of UP TO $250,000. However, that must be an incurred cost on the rebuild in order to claim it.
How long does a claim take to get resolved?
There is no set time period. Some take only a couple months, and some bigger and more complicated claims can take much longer. Lots of factors go into determining when a claim will be finalized.
How much money do I have for Additional Living Expenses (ALE)?
Coverage D on your policy states what your ALE amount is. Some policies have a set dollar amount, and other policies have what is called Actual Loss Sustained. That means that whatever you lost (ex a 2,000 sq ft house fully furnished) then that is what you should receive for the set time period while your property is being rebuilt.
Will my insurance provider drop me since I’ve filed a claim?
It is certainly possible. If they deem you as a bigger risk because of your loss, then they have the right to drop you. However, there is also a high chance you will want to drop them once you see how they handle the claims process.
I’m not happy with the settlement my insurance company offered me, what should I do?
Call us! We can still help after they have presented you an offer. Even if you think it sounds like a reasonable amount, there is a high likelihood that you were shorted and don’t even know it!


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