Congratulations to FirstCall’s Chief Relationship Strategist, Shannon Rizzo, for being selected as a Board Member for the Nashville Area Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Although Shannon brings a wealth of business knowledge and experience to her work, it is her compassion and desire to help people that makes the biggest difference in her role at FirstCall.





“We often see people at the worst possible times,” Shannon said.  “They are in shock because they have just suffered a tragedy.  What FirstCall tries to do is help them work to restore their lives as quickly as possible during these difficult times.  Our first priority is our client’s immediate well-being.  Then we work with them to begin the financial recovery to give them the tools and resources to rebuild what was lost.”

During her work with FirstCall, Shannon worked with American Red Cross volunteers and saw the teamwork and organizational structure and the comfort they brought to people after a disaster.  The American Red Cross is internationally recognized for their immediate response and assistance in all types of emergencies and natural disasters.

“I had the opportunity to work with the Red Cross on several occasions and I thought a partnership with them made perfect sense,” Shannon continued.  “They are the first to arrive on the scene with basic necessities and care.  After the initial needs are handled, FirstCall steps in to build a longer-term relationship with our clients.  It’s a seamless process.”

Her service on the Red Cross board is about much more than a business relationship, however. For Shannon, the personal relationships matter most.  “I am driven by an innate desire to reduce suffering by helping people through some of the most challenging times in their lives.  Making a difference to people in need is my driving force.  Helping the Red Cross fulfill its mission allows me to meet this personal goal by helping people survive tragedies.”


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