As Opposed To Not Using FirstCall Claims:

  • We take the stress off of you and we manage the claim
  • We keep the claim moving so you reach a faster payment
  • By Using FirstCall Claims, we are able to get your ACV higher for more money upfront and less recoverable to to chase, which you’ll only receive if you repurchase the items not on sale
  • You may not be aware of all the extra coverage in your policy. We understand policies and will get you everything in your policy.
  • We help you get your money from the mortgage company faster if it is encumbered
  • We help if you have a vendor involved. For example preventing them from charging you to clean items that can not be cleaned, which in turn can save you thousands of dollars
  • We help you inventory your items. Assisting you to remember things you may not have thought about and price them accordingly


Why us over other Public Adjusters:

  • Over 28 years’ experience
  • We’re local
  • You will get a team working on your claim not one man in a truck
  • Our estimator is certified in many certifications such as mold and restoration
  • We will Save you time, get you more money, relieve your stress, and most of all we will get you indemnity for your loss

Thank you,

Angie Pinson

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