FC is the oldest and best established public adjusting firm in Tennessee.

After having served Tennessee families and businesses for almost 30 years, all of the insurance companies and their adjusters  are very familiar with FC.  There are countless money-savings practices that adjusters use daily  — many will not even be tried when it is known that FC is heading your team.

No one would dream of going into a court room and representing themselves when there is tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars at risk — handling your own insurance claim is no different.

If you use an accountant for tax and accounting services — an attorney for legal matters — or a doctor or health care professionals for your health needs — why in the world would you take on the insurance industry alone!!?

Who do you think has more experience in handling complex insurance claims — the insurance adjuster  — or you?  Do you really think the adjuster is on your side?

Most people do not like conflict and will avoid it at all cost — our team eats conflict for breakfast !!!

Do what you are good at.   Let FC take care of your claim.

We have forgotten more about insurance claim than most people will have learned in 2 lifetimes.

(And we haven’t forgotten anything!!)

Do you know the ins and outs of an insurance policy — we do.

The fire – storm – or water damage was an accident that most likely couldn’t have been prevented. A poor insurance settlement is no accident — it is intentional. FC can prevent That second  — and intentional loss.

Phil Breeden

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