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When dealing with insurance claims, we understand that there's is a lot to learn, and a lot that can be misunderstood. We encourage you to give us a shout with your questions over the phone. However, we've also compiled a list of answers to frequently ask questions which may help you ahead of your call.


Why would I need help filing my property loss claim?

Should be simple enough, right? Yet, most people do not realize how complex and time-consuming the property loss claims process is, or how critical their ability to determine and prove the amount of loss can be in securing a more full insurance settlement. Once damage has been reported to your insurance agent, the property loss claim is turned over to an insurance adjuster who is hired and trained by the insurance company to be loyal to the company’s interests – not yours. FirstCall’s licensed public adjusters are experts in the preparation of inventories, estimates and other factors for proving a property loss. We offer insurance claim help to home and business owners. Our job is to assist you with all of the necessary details for compiling and filing property loss claims as required by your insurance company. In addition, we interface with insurance company representatives on your behalf and handle all matters essential to a proper and satisfactory property loss claim settlement.

How does FirstCall help me determine the extent of my loss?

Since the responsibility of proving a loss is on the shoulders of the policyholder, our primary function is to serve as your personal advocate and insurance claims “expert.” We offer insurance claim help during the entire claims process. Our structure team will go over every square inch of your home or business and document all damage and then create an estimate using the same software program used by your insurance company. Our Personal Property adjusters will also assist you in taking a thorough physical inventory of the property loss by counting each item left in your home- down to the last half bar of soap. FirstCall will also sit down with you and help you re-create an inventory of anything that has been destroyed. We then help you obtain all pertinent documents necessary for filing the property loss claim, and ensure that the claim meets all provisions as specified by your insurance company. This process is often time-consuming and involves in-depth knowledge about how the property loss claims process works – which can make a significant difference in the amount of your settlement.

What kind of training do your public adjusters have?

FirstCall is a member of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA) and is licensed, bonded and insured by every state that has these requirements. Every adjuster is required to have extensive training and pass an exam to be licensed. Additionally, many of our adjusters have years of experience in the construction and insurance industries which provides them with a unique and knowledgeable perspective. To confirm a public adjuster is licensed in Tennessee, you may visit the State Based Systems website. Additionally, you may visit or contact the insurance department in each state to verify licensing. Links to these website can be found from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners website. (States that do not have public adjusting licensing include Alabama, Arkansas, Alaska, South Dakota and Wisconsin.)

How much will it cost?

No out-of-pocket costs are associated with using our services.In fact, it will likely cost you more money NOT to use the services of a public insurance adjuster. That’s because on average, property owners recover 30% to 70% less than what they are actually entitled to because they don’t have the knowledge and expertise necessary to advocate on their own behalf. FirstCall will help you increase the amount of your settlement, which will cover our fee many times over.

What type of claims do you handle?

As licensed public adjusters, we can assist you with most property loss claims covered under your commercial or homeowner’s policy. A property loss claim can include damage to the structure, personal property loss, business interruption / extra expenses and additional living expenses, to name a few. This damage may be caused by any number of disasters such as fire, water, wind, storm, vandalism, sink holes, earthquakes, etc.

If I have a problem or complaint concerning an adjuster or insurance company, what should I do?

First, call us! We will represent you and interface with insurance company representatives on your behalf to handle all matters essential to a proper and satisfactory property loss claim settlement. Secondly, you may want to report your complaint to the Consumer Insurance Services. They have an online form you can access at the Department of Commerce and Insurance website.

What is a Public Adjuster?

There are three types of adjusters licensed by the state of TN: Company Adjusters: Employed by the insurance company to represent the company in dealing with your loss and damages. The company adjusters main responsibility is to protect the interests of the insurance company. Independent Adjusters: Hired by the insurance company to represent the company in dealing with your loss and damages. The independent adjusters main responsibility is to protect the interests of the insurance company. Public Adjusters: The only adjuster specifically licensed by the State of Tennessee to represent you, the insured. The public adjusters main responsibility is to protect you and your interests after your loss when you file a claim with the insurance company. For more info read our article, What is a Public Adjuster?

If I work directly with the insurance company’s adjuster, won’t I get the same results?

Unfortunately, no. The insurance adjuster who is hired by the insurance company to adjust your claim is trained to be loyal to the company’s interests – not yours. The insurance adjuster’s job is to cut/ minimize their losses. In fact, the insurance company’s adjuster may even talk badly about public adjusters because that means there is a competent professional on your side that will question them and make sure you are paid everything you deserve. In essence, we more than level the playing field. On average, our services result in a 58% increase in your settlement amount.

I have already received a payment for my claim from the insurance company and I think it’s too low. Is it too late to get help?

No, FirstCall can assist you in re-opening your file with the insurance company and working toward increasing that settlement amount as long as you did not sign a full and final release. The process does become more difficult after you receive payment, but if you have a legitimate basis for additional claims damages and we are able to properly document it as such, most insurance companies will make a good faith effort to resolve any differences. We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.

My claim has been denied, can you help?

We can certainly review your claim to determine if there is an opportunity to appeal and pursue a maximum settlement amount. We are happy to provide a free consultation, simply call us today and we will get started!

Will I have to pay for your services if my insurance company doesn’t pay my claim?

Absolutely not.

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