Aaron & Jennifer Davenport

Aaron & Jennifer Davenport lost their beautiful log home in a tragic house fire. Fortunately, FirstCall was able to inventory their home and walk them through the re-create process for their personal property claim. According to Aaron:

“We would have been way behind the eight ball in this process if it weren’t for FirstCall. We probably wouldn’t even be in a home yet if it wasn’t for them. And we wouldn’t be able to start moving on if it wasn’t for FirstCall. Out of a very bad experience, the FirstCall experience was phenomenal.”

Angela Owen

FirstCall client, Angela Owen, fought tooth and nail with her insurance company until FirstCall began negotiating her claim. She first engaged FirstCall to assist with her personal property claim and also hired an outside attorney to assist her. Eventually, even the attorney encouraged her to hand everything over to FirstCall. We were able to reach above policy limits for this family to rebuild their lives.

“Use FirstCall without a doubt! Don’t second guess yourself; don’t spend your valuable time fighting with the adjusters, fighting with the insurance company. Let FirstCall do that for you.”